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Ahmed Korayem Quotes – Quotes By Ahmed Korayem

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Ahmed Korayem Quotes

Do unto others much worse than than they’ll ever do unto you and you’ll never get hurt ever again” -James “Buck” Bukowitz —Ahmed Korayem God never abandoned you. He just pushes for you to discover Him. —Ahmed Korayem I’d like to believe that our very essence is that of love. At times it’s hard to believe when our experiences remind us of the cold, callous, selfish and liars out there who’ve crossed our paths and hurt us. These hurts have led us to protect our selves by hiding out and shunning our light, our love and our essence from the rest of the world. In the name of self-preservation we, in turn, have become cold, callous, selfish and liars, therefore passing down the cycle of pain to the next generation, forcing them to do the same to protect themselves. The cycle breaks once a single person makes the decision to be vulnerable, to be frail to be their essence, knowing that it could very well lead to a world of pain. In the end, it is worth it to one day have the world full of people who are unafraid of their light and are willing to love unconditionally without fear or consequence. This is the world I would like to live in. This is the world we owe to the future generations —Ahmed Korayem Kick a man who’s down and he’s bound to kill you if he ever gets back up —Ahmed Korayem Of course God’s forgiving and kind. It takes a supernatural being to be capable of such a thing. —Ahmed Korayem

Best Quotes By Ahmed Korayem

People aren’t stupid. They’re ignorant. —Ahmed Korayem I am willing to be persuaded into seeing any other person’s perspective as long as they possess, at the very least, two properly functioning brain cells. Unfortunately, this is a rare commodity. —Ahmed Korayem In order for one to come off as a professional at something is to vehemently disagree with other professionals. People have blind faith in confident fools —Ahmed Korayem We suffer not because suffering is inevitable. Suffering is inevitable when you keep trying to suppress those feelings you’re afraid of. Feelings you labelled as ‘bad’ and believe you should have never had them in the first place. You’ll never get out of this rut lest you learn to sit with the feeling no matter how horrible it feels. Give it (the feeling) the acceptance it deserves and illusion of suffering is reveled —Ahmed Korayem Nature’s perfectly cruel in the most just ways —Ahmed Korayem