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Anuj Somany Quotes – Quotes By Anuj Somany

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Anuj Somany Quotes

The word ‘I’ symbolizes own EGO as sage says, ‘YOU’ sounds ADVICE directed towards others and ‘WE’ signifies ACTION as it involves everyone alike; A true leader defines and differentiates oneself from others by often constructive ACTION than ADVICE and the same reflects in one’s language. —Anuj Somany A person who has attained popularity not in reality,but superficially built it merely through media blitz or mass publicity is praised by only those people who have either stupidity deeply rooted in their life or are involved heavily into the activity of sycophancy and hypocrisy. —Anuj Somany An effective way to drive away the negative person from own network is to never like the people’s looks but only positive outlook, and soon the toxic guy feels suffocation for not getting appreciation. —Anuj Somany If the deserving employees have to remind the employer about own performance with data & figures to get the pay hike, then it is like a situation where the employer was sleeping while the employees were working. —Anuj Somany The dirtiest minds amongst the adult males are perhaps the ones who back-up their support to the women, but back- out seeing when the men are in the same situation. —Anuj Somany

Best Quotes By Anuj Somany

If a person truly considers own opponent a termite ,then both will be never seen sharing the same platform on any occasion at any time either in day or night unless they are parasite to each other. —Anuj Somany It can easily be seen through experiences that the more a person loves a car or bike, the less s/he has care towards the people. So never go by such people’s good words but by their deeds only. —Anuj Somany

If a person’s post gets support from many or most people in own individual’s social media account , then its reason could be any or all of the following : a) He is either an influential and/or has a lot of money. b) It is from a girl or woman called honey c) Host is perceived as duffer or supporters are dummy. d) The thing shared is very common and ordinary e) S/he is made fun or fool by voters being funny

—Anuj Somany
A man should neither brag about a long tenure spent as an employee at any position of an organization nor boost of a happy, long-married life with a woman as both are nothing but manifestation of slavery. —Anuj Somany A person who does not mean anything with the said or shared nice words is liked by many people in her/his own individual social media account ,but one who means exactly that s/he says or shares the good thoughts of others is liked by hardly any. —Anuj Somany