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Barry Williams Quotes

I’m very proud to have been a part of this show, i’m proud to have had a part in creating a character in a show that has had this long-lasting saturation in Americana. —Barry Williams Oh, I was committed to a lifetime of show business long before ‘The Brady Bunch,’ in fact, I don’t think any of us really held up high hopes that it would have this kind of endurance. Even by television standards, it’s a pretty unique series. It’s been a sitcom, a cartoon show, a variety hour, a Christmas special, a movie twice (we did my book [‘Growing Up Brady’] as a TV movie) and ‘A Very Brady Renovation.’ There have been so many things around it, more than pretty much any television series I can think of. —Barry Williams No! sometimes I get tired of talking about myself though. ‘The Brady Bunch’ has been an integral part of my life. It’s a show that has been with me now for over 50 years, and I consider the cast members a second family. I know that there is interest and curiosity around the show, and I’m happy to oblige. —Barry Williams No chance, i am as passionate about what I do now as I was as a teenager. I’m so grateful that I was able to find something that was enjoyable and satisfying for me that I still have tremendous enthusiasm and ambition for. I wouldn’t think of ever retiring completely. —Barry Williams I’ve been on boards as small as five and as large as 16 and both types have been effective. —Barry Williams

Best Quotes By Barry Williams

While there’s been change, there hasn’t been enough. —Barry Williams Yes, the beaded curtains are there! the Brady Bunch. —Barry Williams I thought Greg was going to go to college, i was looking forward to getting out of the house and maybe moving into my own show and things like that, because I had those kinds of ambitious. And we had been promised that it would go another year. And then they pulled the plug. —Barry Williams As people and actors, we like each other, we care about each other, we protected each other. And we took on those roles in life… Now chemistry is something you can’t fake. You can’t write it, you can’t pretend it, you can’t act it. It’s there or it’s not there. As I look at episodes, I can see it. Cast members of the television series. —Barry Williams I think it would have hurt his career tremendously. —Barry Williams