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Bernard Sanders Quotes – Quotes By Bernard Sanders

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Bernard Sanders Quotes

It’s quite obvious why kids are going to turn to drugs to get the hell out of a disgusting system or sit in front of a TV set for 60 hours a week, what we’re saying is that people have got to begin working with and for other people, and I think that’s an extremely strong motivating factor why young people should vote for us. —Bernard Sanders I made news today. I made big news today, because I talked with four senior citizens, you were there, and one senior said that the cost of her medicine soared. Extraordinary news. Because that’s news that millions of people will shake their heads at. What you mean by news is I got ta say something that I didn’t say yesterday. —Bernard Sanders What we’re saying is that we’ve got to unleash the energy that exists in people to start doing meaningful things, contrast what the young people in China and Cuba are doing for themselves and for their country compared to the young people in America. —Bernard Sanders In the long run, what has got to happen on the national level and on the state level is the people of this state and country have got to stand up to the 2 or 3 % of the population that controls the economy, and the billions and billions and billions of dollars owned and controlled by these people have got to come within the public domain. —Bernard Sanders There is $ 2 billion in Vermont banks at the present moment, and the only people who determine how that money is invested are the director of banks, the state and the depositors have a right to direct where that money should be invested. —Bernard Sanders

Best Quotes By Bernard Sanders

What people want you to be is good little boys, it’s time that you stop being good little boys. —Bernard Sanders Virtually everybody in Liberty Union is working extremely hard trying to maintain body and soul. —Bernard Sanders No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bernard Sanders —Bernard Sanders No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bernard Sanders