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Bernie Sanders Quotes – Quotes By Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders Quotes

Well, that’s a long way coming, they’re not up until 2024, but if there were strong candidates in those states who were prepared to stand up for working families, who understand that the Democratic Party has got to be the party of working people, taking on big money interests. If those candidates were there in Arizona, in West Virginia, yes, I would be happy to support them. —Bernie Sanders Well, I’m not Joe Biden, i like Joe Biden. But I’m not Joe Biden. I’m a progressive who believes that the Democratic Party should make it clear that we are prepared to take on powerful special interests, like the drug companies, like the insurance companies, like the fossil fuel industry, that we have to demand that the wealthy start paying their fair share of taxes. —Bernie Sanders Absolutely it was. On that particular vote that she and( West Virginia Sen. Joe) Manchin cast, we were trying to address the reality that you got 19 Republicans states all over this country who are undermining the foundations of American democracy. Trying to make it harder for people of color, young people, people with disabilities to vote. —Bernie Sanders Democrats will not win in 2022 with a demoralized base. There must be energy and excitement. Today, in these difficult times, the American people want to know that their elected officials have the courage to take on the powerful special interests and fight for their needs. —Bernie Sanders These are people who I think have undermined the President of the United States. —Bernie Sanders

Best Quotes By Bernie Sanders

They have forced us to have five months of discussions that have gone absolutely nowhere. —Bernie Sanders As the voting rights bill finally comes to the floor of the Senate, there is only one vote which will really matter, will 50 Democrats vote to override the filibuster, protect American democracy and pass the bill, or will Manchin and Sinema vote with the GOP and let the bill die? —Bernie Sanders Our companies deal individually with their own labor and personnel decisions( except for the selection of Berkshire Hathaway CEO), i’m passing along your letter to the CEO of Precision Castparts, but making no recommendations to him as to any action. He is responsible for his business. —Bernie Sanders The fact that we were willing to be critical of the United States … I think that made them maybe more appreciative of our criticisms we made of their own society. —Bernie Sanders [ West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is ] gon na have a lot of explaining to do to the people of West Virginia. —Bernie Sanders