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Bethenny Frankel Quotes – Quotes By Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel Quotes

I’m trusting and I just don’t want to deal with this, and it was embarrassing. —Bethenny Frankel We met on a dating app, i was pretty lucky when I walked in and saw him. He had a twinkle. He came as advertised — better than advertised. He overshot the mark. —Bethenny Frankel This weekend, Luann was surrounded by her girlfriends and decided — with their support — that in light of recent circumstances, it is the healthiest choice for her not to attend Tuesday’s reunion taping so that she can continue in her healing process, luann is now surrounded by a core group of people who truly have her best interests at heart and who are working to make sure she gets the help she needs. Bravo has been very supportive of Luann during this time. It’s a brave and honest decision by her, and everyone is rallying around her and wants the best for her. —Bethenny Frankel I shouldn’t have been taken seriously in the beginning; I had no value, or I didn’t know the value I would have yet. I was a person that Bravo was hiring for $7,250 for the entire first season of [‘Real Housewives’]. —Bethenny Frankel He looks a little bit like my ex, which scares me. —Bethenny Frankel

Best Quotes By Bethenny Frankel

I’m single and dating, [I’m] utterly available. —Bethenny Frankel The best part about being single is that the future is a fortune cookie, we just don’t know. —Bethenny Frankel My personal life is suffering because I’m doing so much, which is why I haven’t had a date in a while. —Bethenny Frankel You’re in the press now being naked and doing soft-porn. Has anybody approached your daughter? Have you explained to her the situation? Kids talk, they’re very sophisticated! at 6? Yeah. Diane Sawyer came to her school yard and actually approached her. —Bethenny Frankel Do I agree with some of the losers on his loser list today ? Yes. Do I like that he is making this an exciting election and creating a conversation … ? I enjoy that because it is not about being politically correct. i just like that [ Donald Trump speaks Donald Trump mind ] in general because it’s going to throw all the other candidates off because people are reacting to Donald Trump so people are going to feel like they have to really actually answer questions and not be so full of it. —Bethenny Frankel