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Bill Barr Quotes – Quotes By Bill Barr

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Bill Barr Quotes

You know, you only have five weeks, Mr. President, after an election to make legal challenges, this would have taken a crackerjack team with a really coherent and disciplined strategy. Instead, you have a clown show. No self-respecting lawyer is going anywhere near it. It’s just a joke. That’s why you are where you are. —Bill Barr The process involves the employing agency, which in the case of a president has been the The White House, sending in a memorandum requesting certification, that process was followed in this particular case. —Bill Barr Officials who are elected and answer press questions while they’re in office, even if those questions relate to their personal activity, and could bear upon their personal fitness, is in fact in the course of federal employment, and can be therefore certified under the Westfall Act, president Trump knows that I told the truth when I said that President Trump had sexually assaulted me in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman. President Trump also knows that President Trump was lying when Bill Barr said that President Trump had never met me before and that I’ wasn’t President Trump type,’. —Bill Barr This was a normal application of the law. The law is clear. It is done frequently. And the little tempest that’s going on is largely because of the bizarre political environment in which we live. —Bill Barr I accept that there is some preliminary activity that suggests that United States might try again, it wouldn’t surprise me if Russia tries something again of the same general genre before. —Bill Barr

Best Quotes By Bill Barr

Because I’ve seen the intelligence. That’s what I’ve concluded. —Bill Barr We’re all aware of the calendar and we’re not going to do anything for the purposes of affecting an election, but we are trying to get some things accomplished before the election. —Bill Barr Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked The President to remove you as of today, and The President has done so. —Bill Barr My basic take was that this was not civil unrest or the product of some festering injustice. This was gang activity, basically opportunistic. —Bill Barr There was no correlation between our tactical plan of moving the perimeter out by one block and the President’s going over to the church. —Bill Barr