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Bill Cassara Quotes – Quotes By Bill Cassara

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Bill Cassara Quotes

She brought a book that was already inscribed to me, it was her autobiography, ‘No Bed of Roses.’ She said, ‘I want you to read this book. It’s me.’. —Bill Cassara I was surprised at how candid she wasabout her sister Olivia de Havilland, she absolutely despised her. In fact, she was so disturbed over the idea that she would predecease her and Olivia would then somehow come to her home and steal the keepsakes that had once belonged to their mother. Now mind you, Olivia was living in Paris. But [Joan]went as far as to say, ‘I want you to be at my house when I die.’. —Bill Cassara When I started dating my wife, Joan was eager to meet her, she wanted to know everything about her. Once they did meet, Joan told me, ‘I approve.’She latersaid, ‘Why don’t you kids get married at my place?’And we did! It was quite the adventure. —Bill Cassara Joan was a movie star, yes, but she was also a good friend, i remember our warm conversations and company. During her final years, yes she lived alone, but she wanted to live life on her own terms – and I think she did just that. —Bill Cassara Joan Fontaine was receiving a series of harassing phone calls from a former business associate and she had enough, so she called the sheriff’s office and I stopped by to help her with the matter. It was just another routine call. But then I looked at this oversized lithograph up on her wall. And her home was just adorned with souvenirs from her movie days. —Bill Cassara

Best Quotes By Bill Cassara

It was her autobiography, ‘No Bed of Roses.’ She said, ‘I want you to read this book. It’s me.’. —Bill Cassara No one would ever talk about the Manson murders in front of Terry, terry was a very paranoid person. He did not like to be around crowds. He certainly didn’t like being recognized. If there was an event for Doris, he always went through the proper channels to hire seven deputies and a sergeant to provide security. Hewould tell us, ‘I want you guys to be in every shot taken of Doris.’ I remember for one event, he asked me to escort her for a luncheon because public events just made him very uncomfortable. —Bill Cassara [After the murders], Terry told the LAPD he was referred to a possible music talent, but he said once he got to [Manson’s place], he just wanted to get the hell out of there. It was filthy and very obvious that there was no talent. He described hearing Manson’s girls singing while he played the guitar. He felt he had to get out. So he tried to make a graceful exit. —Bill Cassara Would you believe the person who wrote that letter was kind enough to put his name and return address? it was somewhere in Northern California. And my contact told me the guy was a wheelchair-bound paraplegic. The deputy assured me they were going to this guy’s house and make sure it would never happen again. Doris and Terry were a bit relieved but it certainly brought up those fears. Those fears certainly never left Terry. —Bill Cassara When you got to know Terry, you could tell he had an interest in helping others and appreciated law enforcement, as for Doris, she was warm, gracious and just incredibly charming. I think they found peace here. The Carmel community was small enough that they could come and go as they pleased without being noticed. —Bill Cassara