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Bill de Blasio Quotes – Quotes By Bill de Blasio

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Bill de Blasio Quotes

If the union coordinates — in any way — a job action, that is a violation of the Taylor Law. —Bill de Blasio You can feel the life of the city, this is the day New York students have been waiting for. —Bill de Blasio This is going to be an historic, monumental moment for all New Yorkers and all Americans. I’ll put it plainly : You’re going to want to be here, this is a celebration of New York City, of every working family who faced incredible challenges last year and overcame. —Bill de Blasio We’re setting up mobile vaccination opportunities for tourists in some of the best trafficked parts of New York City, the places that tourists love to go and look I think this is part of the welcome back to New York City, we want everyone to be safe. —Bill de Blasio But we’re going to keep doing whatever it takes, including the mental health services in the subways, the homeless outreach in the subways, all of this adds up and we’ll keep adding up. But we also know and the public safety experts say the recovery itself is going to have a huge impact on safety. —Bill de Blasio

Best Quotes By Bill de Blasio

To call this vile is an understatement. Eid is a moment to celebrate peace, community and family, an attack on that is an attack on all New Yorkers. —Bill de Blasio New York City’s never really ended, we’re just asking anyone that, that may come out to voice their, Mayor Bill de Blasio know, concerns over this trial to let’s just work together, do it peacefully, no property damage and we’ll get all through it together. —Bill de Blasio We’re in constant, literally daily conversations, obviously, so much will happen based on what the verdict is and how it’s expressed. —Bill de Blasio Start using them right now. —Bill de Blasio We did it, New York City. —Bill de Blasio