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Bill McKibben Quotes – Quotes By Bill McKibben

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Bill McKibben Quotes

What we’re playing for now as a movement is not to stop climate change — that’s not on the menu. What we’re playing for is can we stop it short of the place where it cuts off civilization at the knees? that’s what the goal is now. It’s not inspiring in a way that saying ‘I have a dream’ is inspiring. It’s more like: ‘let’s see how tame we can keep this nightmare’. —Bill McKibben People have risen to crises before. It was our parents’ and grandparents’ generation who faced the crisis of fascism in Europe, we are in an existential emergency of the same kind, so staying away from work for a day and organizing is not too much to ask. —Bill McKibben We’re clearly in a climate moment now, and it’s clearly the last climate moment that’s going to come in a period of time when there’s still effective action to be taken. —Bill McKibben My worry — the thing that makes me scared sometimes — is that unlike all the other fights that humans have gotten themselves into, this one comes with a time limit, and if we don’t win soon, we will not win. —Bill McKibben What all these activists are working toward is less particular pieces of legislation, and more a shift in the Zeitgest — a shift in our sense of what’s normal, and natural and obvious. —Bill McKibben

Best Quotes By Bill McKibben

These studies are part of the emerging scientific understanding that we’re in even hotter water than we’d thought, we’re a long ways down the path to disastrous global warming, and the policy response — especially in the United States — has been pathetically underwhelming. —Bill McKibben The only bright point is that, as the study authors say, they haven’t factored in the plummeting cost of solar power, that’s the one way out we still might take — but only if our governments take full advantage of the breakthroughs our engineers have produced. —Bill McKibben Since pace is the crucial question now, activists must redouble our efforts to weaken that industry. —Bill McKibben With all the lobbyists on earth, environmentalists couldn’t get cap and trade done. —Bill McKibben That’s what’s changed : there is now a big, big movement that was not there five years ago. —Bill McKibben