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Bill Shine Quotes – Quotes By Bill Shine

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Bill Shine Quotes

Serving President President Donald Trump on Thursday and this country has been the most rewarding experience of my entire life. To be a small part of all this President has done for the American people has truly been an honor. I’m looking forward to working on President Trump re-election campaign and spending more time with my family. —Bill Shine And you know what, I’m the first person to admit I’m sexist. I don’t think that girls should play on the boys’ high school team. I don’t think that the girls should be — I think it’s insanity that there are feminists who are stupid enough to fight to go to combat. Are you kidding me? Let the men go die on the front lines, why would you want to go die on the front line? You have to be an idiot. And why on earth would you fight to go on the submarine ship for months on end? You know there was just a story with these girls, these women who are upset that they are sexually harassed in the military. What do you think is going to happen when you go on a submarine for 12 months with 4,000 horny soldiers? I hate to say it, but it’s true. They should not even be allowed. The top military should say, ‘No way, you’re not allowed.’ But you know, but you know the feminists have fought for these rights. It’s so stupid. I don’t know why anybody would want that. —Bill Shine And I’m sure you heard the rumor that Barack Obama couldn’t get a security clearance required to work for the FBI or CIA, and I want to know if this is true. I mean I’m just a little housewife at home, living my life, taking care of my children. But I’m concerned if we’re going to have a president that could not pass a security clearance. Especially, aren’t we in a war against terrorism? Aren’t we, like, fighting terrorists? So why wouldn’t we have a security check for a man who’s going to run the country? And I mean not just Barack Obama, but what about our senators, our congresspeople? Do they go through the same security background check as a CIA person would have to go through? I never thought about this. —Bill Shine Rumors flying around that FEMA is ready to round you up and take you off to a concentration camp, forget about socialism. I think we’re headed towards full blown communism and forget about your freedom of speech. Radio hosts are being kicked off the air for suggesting that we close our borders and stay away from illegal immigrants. Are you kidding me? What is going on? I am willing to get kicked off the air. Here I am. Come and get me. I am going down with a fight. Why on earth are we not allowed to have this conversation? There’s a country that has a full blown epidemic and it’s called Mexico. Why on earth is it racist for us to say we need to close our borders to them at this time? —Bill Shine So back when Bush was still in office, they bring over this, this pharmaceutical company, it’s not a pharmaceutical, it’s a vaccination company, Novaris (sic), but they make drugs also. So they are here in the United States and their goal, their number one reason for existing here is to make a flu vaccination. And then all of a sudden we have this big pandemic. It almost sounds like it’s a setup. —Bill Shine

Best Quotes By Bill Shine

They don’t want people to be healthy, if people were really healthy — everyone is fat and overweight — and the next half-hour we’re going to talk about how we can cut back on our favorite summer foods and cut calories with Cooking Light executive chef — but if they keep everyone fat and overweight and diabetic and cancer-ridden and stupid and sick, no one has any willpower to fight back or even think for themselves. That’s what the goal is. —Bill Shine We’re not going to be forced to vaccinate our children, we’re not going to be forced to give our children what we don’t want to give them. It’s unconstitutional. We have the power over our families and if we allow that loss, if we lose that power, I ask you this, what is next, folks? I want you to think about that all week. What will be next if we allow this happen? —Bill Shine When we come back, I want to ask you about this, what I believe is an obvious link to autism and mercury, the preservatives and the shots, but guys, we have a constitutional right to take care of her own family. This is ridiculous. You know what, instead of mandating the flu shot, the government should be worrying about creating jobs in America. —Bill Shine I really do not believe in this whole sunscreen hoax. It just seems ridiculous to me to take your little infant — the number one organ in your body is your skin. —Bill Shine No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bill Shine