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Bob Corker Quotes – Quotes By Bob Corker

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Bob Corker Quotes

It’s a spectacle, and candidly, it’s juvenile, the whole thing is juvenile. —Bob Corker We can secure our borders, we can solve this problem. This is a made-up fight. —Bob Corker I would guess there are 20 people, at least, in our caucus that are going to listen to these hearings, i would say that at least half of our caucus is going to be watching the hearing tomorrow and making their own determination. —Bob Corker I have cleared my schedule tomorrow. I plan on watching the hearing from beginning to finish and that will be the testimony we will have to make decisions. I haven’t talked to any classmates. I don’t really have any ability to do so. —Bob Corker Somebody will do something that you guys will run 24/7, this is not a criminal trial for which the involvement of an experienced sex crimes prosecutor would be appropriate. —Bob Corker

Best Quotes By Bob Corker

No. We don’t disagree. Hell, let’s run the transcript if you want to talk about it, we’ll let the world decide. —Bob Corker It’s the President that causes people to have concerns. —Bob Corker Much of what you are hearing today has nothing whatsoever to do with you and I would agree with you that the policies that we are putting in place in many case are stronger than have ever been put in place. It’s the President that causes people to have concerns, i think you are a patriot. Tremendous faith in (Defense Secretary James) Mattis. But it’s the President’s actions that create tremendous distrust in our nation, among our allies. It’s palpable. —Bob Corker Senator, I just disagree mostly with just about everything you just said there. You somehow disconnect the administration’s activities from the President’s actions. They are one in the same. Every sanction that was put in place was signed off by the President of the United States, every spy that was removed was directed by the President. —Bob Corker We looked into it deeply in our office… I’m sorry, i know you guys will probably give me hell over it. … In many cases, translators, when we go to other countries, these translators are contract translators. —Bob Corker