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Bob Dorfman Quotes – Quotes By Bob Dorfman

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Bob Dorfman Quotes

I expect we’ll see better cameras, more viewing choices, more players and managers mic’d up, more streaming opportunities, more social media access, fans will need to feel closer to the players, action and live experience, even as they might prefer to stay more isolated. —Bob Dorfman I think leagues and franchise owners will show greater appreciation for their fans, with more affordable tickets, lower-priced concessions, free or discounted parking, more free giveaways and special promotions, fan Appreciation Day will become Fan Appreciation Season. The economic repercussions of this pandemic could last quite a while, and fans with less disposable income mustn’t be ignored. —Bob Dorfman Absence makes the heart grow fonder and, assuming the world returns to some semblance of normalcy, I expect fans to have a greater appreciation of sports than ever before, attending live events will take on extra significance, the enthusiasm and fervor in stadiums and areas will be more intense, the passion for favorite teams and players heightened. —Bob Dorfman She’s done a tremendous job of building up her non-court brand. She obviously has the advantage of being attractive and still a young woman, she’s built a name for herself. She’s personable, likeable. I think she’ll have a pretty extensive shelf-life. —Bob Dorfman You may have to over-react, you may even have to fire people that may not necessarily need to be fired, either way I think you have to take maybe a little more of an extreme viewpoint or extreme action in these kinds of cases just to set an example and make sure it doesn’t happen again. —Bob Dorfman

Best Quotes By Bob Dorfman

I’d call this a minor sprain for Nike. —Bob Dorfman Yes, there’s always going to be people who are detractors for what he did. That’s more of an issue these days. But he’s still a marketable commodity, i think they’ll be much more visible with him now leading up the other majors. Everything points upwards for Nike and Tiger. —Bob Dorfman For advertisers, football’s still a great buy … Ratings have dipped a little bit … (but it is) still one of the strongest live events you can buy in television. —Bob Dorfman The current ownership is maybe not the most forward thinking, maybe not the quickest to respond, so maybe it would be a good time for somebody new to be in there and try some new ideas and be a little edgier and see if there are ways to capture a younger market and try to make up for all the older folks that are going away. —Bob Dorfman Part of it is the times, and part of it is maybe a little cooler, hipper ownership could make a difference. —Bob Dorfman