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Bob Ferguson Quotes – Quotes By Bob Ferguson

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Bob Ferguson Quotes

Not true. That is absolutely not true. We followed our protocols exactly. Employees, if they decide they want to leave, they’re free to leave. —Bob Ferguson This multi-billion-dollar corporation illegally exploited the people it detains to line its own pockets. —Bob Ferguson Todays ruling ensures that clinics across the nation can remain open and continue to provide quality, unbiased healthcare to women, trumps gag rulewould have jeopardized healthcare access to women across the country. Title X clinics, such as Planned Parenthood, provide essential services now they can keep serving women while we continue to fight to keep the federal government out of the exam room. —Bob Ferguson Our case continues to move forward. I still intend to hold Motel 6 accountable and uncover the whole story of their disturbing conduct. —Bob Ferguson The intent behind the original order is of deep concern for us. —Bob Ferguson

Best Quotes By Bob Ferguson

I do not take lightly suing the president of the United States. —Bob Ferguson Enough is enough. The health risks are real, and the state is taking action today to ensure the federal government protects these workers now and in the future. —Bob Ferguson Decisions regarding medical care – including reproductive rights – are appropriately between a patient and his or her medical professionals. —Bob Ferguson My primary goal has always been to end illegal discrimination, i’m pleased that today’s ruling clearly prohibits discrimination against same-sex couples. —Bob Ferguson The law is clear: If you choose to provide a service to couples of the opposite sex, you must provide the same service to same-sex couples. —Bob Ferguson