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Bob Ward Quotes

Far more people in the UK have died from recent heat waves than from storms, so it should be uncontroversial to start applying names to both. —Bob Ward Cities that are used to more temperate climates, like London, are finding it very difficult to cope, places which experience cold winters tend to worry more about insulation… but of course some of the measures you design to keep heat in during the winter can prevent heat escaping in the summer, making it even more of a problem. —Bob Ward Healthy people in general are okay in hot weather as long as they take some precautions, but when it starts getting to about 40 degrees Celsius( 104 Fahrenheit) even healthy people are at risk. —Bob Ward The only reason why people think that cleaner living is more expensive is because they are forgetting about the hidden costs of our current reliance on fossil fuels, people are paying for the impacts of climate change through increased risks of coastal flooding, increased risk of land flooding, increased risk of droughts, increased risk of heatwaves. —Bob Ward I hope we can get to net zero earlier and I hope Extinction Rebellion will continue to push for The UK, but we’ve got to do this whilst improving the quality of people’s lives, we have more than 20 million homes in The UK that have gas central heating… if Bob Ward were to stop The UK now, rip up their gas central heating without knowing what Bob Ward are going to replace The UK with, Bob Ward will kill people. Because there will be people who will freeze to death. —Bob Ward

Best Quotes By Bob Ward

The methane created by livestock is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide… so we will have to reduce meat consumption, but it’s unlikely that we will reduce livestock to zero. —Bob Ward The government has to recognize it needs to do more… and whoever is prime minister must bring forward new policies that will strengthen the emission reductions, otherwise we won’t get there. —Bob Ward The UK has not suffered, in the same way as the United States, from any major party denying the science… The UK’s not a question of whether we should act, The UK’s about the best way in which to act. —Bob Ward —Bob Ward No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bob Ward