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Boeing Co Quotes

The purpose of the conspiracy was to defraud the FAA (Aircraft Evaluation Group) … in order to bring about a financial gain to Boeing. —Boeing Co Upon his departure, Dennis received the benefits to which he was contractually entitled and he did not receive any severance pay or a 2019 annual bonus. —Boeing Co A testing issue occurred during the final minutes of the test, at approximately 99 percent of the final test loads, and involved a depressurization of the aft fuselage. —Boeing Co We are currently conducting additional company and customer inspections of the jets and have implemented preventative action plans, we have also incorporated additional training, more rigorous clean-as-you-go practices and FOD awareness days across the company to stress the importance and urgency of this issue. —Boeing Co Boeing … is working with the authorities to evaluate new information as it becomes available. —Boeing Co

Best Quotes By Boeing Co

If we are unable to obtain sufficient orders and/or market, production and other risks can not be mitigated, we could record additional losses that may be material, and it is reasonably possible that we could decide to end production of the 747. —Boeing Co We will continue to cooperate with the state and the Department of Revenue until these individual matters are closed. —Boeing Co We have applied for and received a license to assess the current commercial passenger airplane needs of U.S. Government-approved Iranian airlines, the license permits us to engage approved airlines to determine their actual fleet requirements. —Boeing Co Our European competitor, Airbus, is advancing its interests in the market, and Canada recently indicated that it will permit Bombardier access to the Iranian market as well, we understand that the situation in the region is complicated and ever changing and we will continue to follow the U.S. government’s guidance as it relates to conducting business with Iran. —Boeing Co The Boeing and Lockheed Martin team believe that the Air Force’s selection process was irreparably flawed and therefore have decided to continue with their protest before the GAO. —Boeing Co