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Brad Bannon Quotes – Quotes By Brad Bannon

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Brad Bannon Quotes

It’s almost like he’s running because this billionaire wants to stop Elizabeth Warren, it’s lousy for Joe Biden but great for Elizabeth Warren. —Brad Bannon The Turkish attack on the Kurds in Syria will prompt a discussion of foreign policy that has got little attention in the previous debates. —Brad Bannon [Progressives] are the dominant voice in the party. —Brad Bannon While I’m sure Clinton is thinking that way, I’m not sure it’s going to work, with both [Vice President Joe] Biden and Clinton, they’re going to be pretty old by then, and what I’m hearing in conversations I’ve had with people in the Democratic Party is everyone really wants a new face. —Brad Bannon It’s the Potomac Fever — if you get close to being president, you can’t get the smell off, and you’re always going to want to do it again. —Brad Bannon

Best Quotes By Brad Bannon

[ Brad Bannon ] Bannon propagates Muslim conspiracy theories, ellison is the perfect guy to counter that. Ellison is exactly what we need to prove we are n’t the party of hate and racism. —Brad Bannon If you look at those working in progressive politics now, the older ones came in after [Democratic nominee] George McGovern’s campaign in ’72, mcGovern lost, but he galvanized a whole generation of Democratic and progressive activists who are still involved in politics even now. I think you’ll see the same with Bernie Sanders. —Brad Bannon Some will run for local office, then in a few years they’ll run for the state legislature, then eventually Congress, if you go ahead 10-15 years and look at the people on the Democratic and progressive side running the show, I’ll bet you a lot of money a lot of them will be Sanders supporters – and it will have a crucial impact on American politics. —Brad Bannon I think you’ll see in the next few weeks, the Johnson and Stein bumps getting a lot smaller. —Brad Bannon I think Biden probably has less room (for a bid), people had questions about how well Hillary can handle herself. I thought she performed very well. —Brad Bannon