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Brad Smith Quotes

Alys and I are committed to the success of Ascend WV and Ascend WV ability to leverage West Virginia’s outdoor assets to attract fresh talent, cultivate dynamic communities and continue to fuel the entrepreneurial and innovative thinking that are hallmarks of the state. —Brad Smith We’ve always said that we’ll partner where we can, we’ll stand apart where we should. —Brad Smith You might want to think twice about waiting until the morning to do the dishes, insect pests such as flies, ants, and cockroaches are highly attracted to leftover food on dishes. —Brad Smith Moths that feed on grains are a very common type of insect that invades homes, the Indian Meal Moth’s favorite food is bird seed. A homeowner inadvertently brings them into their home by purchasing a bag of birdseed that is infested, and within a few weeks, a home can become infested with moth larvae and adults. To avoid an infestation, carefully check over a bird seed bag for moth larvae, adults, and webbing before buying — and then keep it stored in a tightly sealed plastic bin to avoid attracting animals.Is your city on this list of the most pest-infested ? Spills happen — but if even a little bit of the mess is left behind, the bugs simply ca n’t resist. —Brad Smith Unused drains create a slimy film that creates an ideal breeding spot for drain flies, if these flies are present in the house there is almost certainly a slow or clogged drain. —Brad Smith

Best Quotes By Brad Smith

Spilled food crumbs in your kitchen contain a veritable feast for insects such as cockroaches and ants. —Brad Smith We welcome the Supreme Court’s ruling ending our case in light of the Cloud Act being signed into to law. Our goal has always been a new law and international agreements with strong privacy protections that govern how law enforcement gathers digital evidence across borders. —Brad Smith My sense is that they are focused on a full range of infrastructure needs, including 21st century infrastructure like broadband, we welcome the dialogue. —Brad Smith This is really all about getting everybody online in rural communities, that includes consumers, it includes businesses, it includes farmers and agricultural enterprises and it includes schools. —Brad Smith Today’s vote by the Senate on the USA Freedom Act will help to restore the balance between protecting public safety and preserving civil liberties. —Brad Smith