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Brad Wenstrup Quotes – Quotes By Brad Wenstrup

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Brad Wenstrup Quotes

I find it hard to believe that our military and intelligence community would have recommended it this way, but those are some of the questions that we need to have answered. —Brad Wenstrup We have not had another attack in 20 years, we must praise all those that have sacrificed so much in the last 20 years because they did keep us safe, and they should be applauded for that. —Brad Wenstrup I hope and pray that that interpreter, we find a way to get them out, my experience is if we get them here, they do everything right to become good U.S. citizens. —Brad Wenstrup We know from his social media posts that he hated Republicans and he hated President Trump, he loved Bernie Sanders and held left-leaning beliefs. —Brad Wenstrup Our intelligence and law enforcement apparatuses require accuracy, precision, and justice. I’m encouraged that the FBI has updated its classification of that nearly catastrophic event to reflect the actual motives of the assailant, and I commend Director Wray for his oversight of that correction, i will continue to work with the Bureau toward investigating what led to the original ‘suicide by cop’ determination. —Brad Wenstrup

Best Quotes By Brad Wenstrup

Was this political? Was there a conversation within the FBI that said, ‘Hey, you know what, this was done by somebody on the left, let’s not call it terrorism’? I don’t know. But in 2017, I didn’t know Andrew McCabe, but certainly we’ve heard a lot about Andrew McCabe and his role in the Russian collusion situation. —Brad Wenstrup Much to our shock that day, the FBI concluded that this was a case of the attacker seeking ‘suicide by cop,’. —Brad Wenstrup When I saw his wound, I pulled down the pantleg to see the wound, I did not find an exit wound I knew he was in big trouble, because that meant it went up and I’d seen things like this in Iraq, we were able to use a belt at first, until a tourniquet came, and then I found a clotting bandage and got that on and was able to do what we do in theater, and he literally left in a helicopter just like in theater. —Brad Wenstrup I think everyone looks over their shoulder a little bit more, certainly the concerns were there, it’s part of the reason why we wanted to change fields, just for different atmosphere. —Brad Wenstrup In June we had to wait until the shooting stopped, today we were able to react immediately. —Brad Wenstrup