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Brett Callow Quotes – Quotes By Brett Callow

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Brett Callow Quotes

Certain ransomware groups pinky-promised not to attack healthcare providers during the pandemic but, unsurprisingly, they didn’t adhere to that, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that untrustworthy bad faith actors will stick to their word or that they can even necessarily control their affiliates. The fact that a single group has said it will avoid attacks on critical infrastructure is neither a good sign nor a bad one. It’s a meaningless nothing-burger. —Brett Callow We are working with Kaseya to support their customer engagement efforts. We have confirmed the key is effective at unlocking victims and will continue to provide support to Kaseya and its customers. —Brett Callow Source code could, theoretically, be copied by other developers or used to create hacks for games, anytime source code gets leaked it’s not good. —Brett Callow This is hugely problematic. The incidents put prosecutions at risk and, worse, may even put the lives of officers and civilians at risk. —Brett Callow This is far worse than any hack of other police departments previously. —Brett Callow

Best Quotes By Brett Callow

MPD is not the first department to have had its data exfiltrated, but the fact that the group is threatening to release details about informants to the gangs on which they’re informing makes this incident the most serious by far. —Brett Callow Like any legitimate business, attacking health and education sectors has proved to be profitable, they may also be softer targets. In the case of health care, they have unusually large attack surfaces spanning various networks and medical devices. —Brett Callow This is the first incident that I’m aware of which has directly impacted election-related infrastructure, at least 18 county or municipal bodies have been impacted by ransomware since the beginning of September — about three per week — so it’s very likely that other bodies will be hit in the run-up to the election. —Brett Callow If the flow of cash stops, the attacks will stop. —Brett Callow No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Brett Callow