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Brett Schaefer Quotes – Quotes By Brett Schaefer

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Brett Schaefer Quotes

If he is proposing giving these resources to the U.N. system, it would represent a massive expansion of resources to organizations that have a troubling history of mismanagement and inefficiency, in 2018, global GDP was $85 trillion. Total revenue for the U.N. system in 2018 was $56 billion. Moreover, we have seen the World Health Organization badly mishandle the response to COVID-19 by trusting information from China. Why that experience would give governments confidence to give such resources to the UN is a mystery. —Brett Schaefer Thus, it is hardly surprising that International Regulatory Affairs failed to be transparent and truthful in reporting details on COVID-19 to WHO and the international community. In fact, this is not the first time this has happened, in 2003, China concealed and denied an infectious disease outbreak later called SARS for months. —Brett Schaefer If The World Health Organization performs well, member governments are more confident in having The World Health Organization assume an increased role. If they fail, the member states look to reform them or create alternative mechanisms, during the Ebola crisis in 2014, WHO was strongly criticized for its slow and ineffective response, and the member states pressed the leadership for reforms to address those failings. It is clear from the response to COVID-19 that more changes are necessary. —Brett Schaefer Having President Trump preside over the high-level event alerts every nation that U.N. reform is a top U.S. priority, inaction on reform could result in funding reductions or withholding to leverage reform or support for American priorities. —Brett Schaefer It’s a good starting point for discussions, but the impact will be measured by the concrete details agreed to at the high-level event and adopted during the UNGA( U.N. General Assembly). —Brett Schaefer

Best Quotes By Brett Schaefer

What this reveals is donor exhaustion, part of the issue is that in the past, these crises were of short duration. Now we have semi-permanentrefugee camps. This is the world we are in: We have allowed so many situations to fester. —Brett Schaefer Part of it is that appeals are couched as if every emergency is temporary, but these are increasingly not short-term crises. —Brett Schaefer This has left Haitians with no recourse but to go to court. —Brett Schaefer Nothing says ‘human rights’ more than bureaucrats sitting in a new office. —Brett Schaefer What needs to happen is the State Department needs to be far more aggressive and assertive in these instances. They either need to take the person back or waive diplomatic immunity, our State Department has a history of being very accommodating; that is, unfortunately, a historical reality. —Brett Schaefer