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Brian King Quotes

When it comes to net public health impact, you have to consider both ends of the scale, right now it does appear the youth initiation is outweighing the adult use. —Brian King The bottom line is that there’s a variety of things in e-cigarette aerosols that could have implications for lung health. —Brian King It’s critical that we not only modernize our strategies in terms of population but also modernize our interventions to be sure that we are capturing the full diversity of tobacco products that the American public are using. —Brian King The good news is that cigarette smoking has reached unprecedented lows, which is a tremendous public health win, down to 14 percent from over 40 percent in the mid-1960s. —Brian King When it comes to youth, we don’t want [them] to choose between an e-cigarette and a cigarette. —Brian King

Best Quotes By Brian King

We still have a far way to go in this country protecting people from secondhand smoke in public areas. —Brian King The findings reinforce that secondhand smoke is still a problem in this country. Half of middle school and high school students are exposed to something we know is harmful to their health and is completely preventable. —Brian King Currently there is about 4.6 million students who report using any form of tobacco, about 2.5 million of those are e-cigarette users. —Brian King No form of tobacco — whether it’s combustible, incombustible or electronic — is safe for youth to use. —Brian King These regulations can ultimately help to ensure that the landscape for these products is no longer the wild, wild West. —Brian King