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Brian Schatz Quotes – Quotes By Brian Schatz

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Brian Schatz Quotes

This is bullying and it is for electoral purposes, do not let the United States Senate bully you into carrying water for those who want to spread misinformation. —Brian Schatz I do want to separate the good-faith critiques of Section 230 and the questions surrounding antitrust, which are legitimate, that’s not what this [ upcoming ] hearing is about, and that’s not what this effort two weeks out from the election is. This is about just bludgeoning these CEOs into submission. —Brian Schatz The President Donald Trump administration has been nakedly partisan and dishonest about their administration of the Census. —Brian Schatz I don’t understand why we are going with a private sector-driven approach here, or a voluntary approach. —Brian Schatz On behalf of the people who elected us, we must formalize and accelerate the impeachment process so that Congress, by exercising its responsibility under Article 1 of the Constitution, can provide some measure of accountability. —Brian Schatz

Best Quotes By Brian Schatz

If YouTube, Facebook or Twitter employees, rather than computers, were making the recommendations, would they have recommended these awful videos in the first place, companies are letting algorithms run wild and only using humans to clean up the mess … Algorithms are amoral. —Brian Schatz It’s as clean as clean can be, which is not to say it’s a comprehensive tobacco strategy. It’s just the most important one thing that can be done quickly. —Brian Schatz This is a question of where you stand as it relates to the constitutional authorities of the legislative branch and what they’re working on is purely a distraction. —Brian Schatz I believe working towards implementing end-to-end encryption for all private communications is the right thing to do. —Brian Schatz I sense a certain disdain for diplomacy in Mike Pompeo that I believe disqualifies him from being our next senior diplomat. —Brian Schatz