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Brian Wieser Quotes – Quotes By Brian Wieser

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Brian Wieser Quotes

It’s safe to say that Tumblr is pretty immaterial to Oath these days — there is relatively little ad revenue there, changes probably wouldn’t be noticeable to Oath, let alone to Verizon. —Brian Wieser He knows he can be a force for good and a force for change. —Brian Wieser It doesn’t help that Google … leaves us guessing on the relative size and trajectory of what are strategically important businesses. —Brian Wieser It all depends on the AT&T and Time Warner deal, if that goes through, it is highly possible there will be more than one bid for Fox. —Brian Wieser At the beginning of this year, Fox was the only buy-rated stock I had because it was so depressed relative to everything else in the sector. —Brian Wieser

Best Quotes By Brian Wieser

Olympics is a convenient excuse, historically, on the ad industry, the impact was pretty limited. The money associated with advertising, not related to the Olympics, still showed up. —Brian Wieser However, we are mindful that it’s possible that the company may have essentially plateaued and that ad revenue growth or even stability will be increasingly harder to come by. —Brian Wieser It now becomes somewhat easier to justify investing in content. —Brian Wieser You have a few months right now where you are pretty much well assured that you won’t have an audience issue, so it is a good time to lock up talent and make sure the course is corrected. —Brian Wieser We continue to believe that WPP remains best-positioned strategically vs. peers and their long-term growth should slightly outperform given the company’s business and country mix. —Brian Wieser