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Bruce Arians Quotes – Quotes By Bruce Arians

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Bruce Arians Quotes

No, and I’ve seen enough dumb – you can’t pull guys out of a pile, we just got a big play, great field position, and he’s trying to pull a guy out of a pile, and I was trying to knock him off of that guy so he didn’t get a penalty. —Bruce Arians Just to clear you up on some things that happened : at no point and time during that game did he ever ask the trainer or doctor about his ankle, that’s the normal protocol, you go through protocols during games. I was never notified of it. So obviously, that was the disturbing thing when we were looking for him to go back into the game. He was very upset at halftime about who was getting targeted, got that calmed down, players took care of that. Read MoreBruce Arians prior to the game between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. {. —Bruce Arians It’s in the best interest of our football team, both of those guys have served their time and we’ll welcome them back. —Bruce Arians You feel bad for him because he was having such a great year, and the type of hit it was — totally legal, but I think that’s one of the things we have to look at in the offseason. —Bruce Arians That’s the first thing I was looking for, and I did n’t see any. Our guys know how to work, so I really do n’t have to say anything, if it’s on offense, you’re probably going to get chewed out by Brady. —Bruce Arians

Best Quotes By Bruce Arians

Look at these receivers and see if there is something you like, and I will critique your ability to critique receivers. —Bruce Arians He did great. There are certain things he likes. He likes really good, big, fast receivers. —Bruce Arians It feels good just to be a Buc, [Brady] is a great one. I just thank God every day. I was crying for like 30 minutes – I was on the phone with my mom and my dad just [talking] about my journey. I think it’s a wonderful story how it’s playing out. —Bruce Arians It’s very, very hard when you’re a superstar and you’re the focal point of the offense and you come to a [different] team and you’re basically a role player for a while, it’s a very hard role to accept. I just told him, ‘This team is special and you’re a huge part of it. Embrace your role – you never know when your role is going to change.’ Then, Ro got hurt. He got COVID and then he got hurt. I’m really, really proud of Leonard and the way he’s handled it. —Bruce Arians We don’t play that game this week. That’s the message to everybody. We play the Packers in the NFC Championship Game, you start thinking about the Super Bowl, you’ll get your a– beat and you’ll be packing your bags on Monday. —Bruce Arians