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Bryan Cranston Quotes – Quotes By Bryan Cranston

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Bryan Cranston Quotes

Where gay actors have not been given the opportunity to play gay parts, or disabled actors have not even been considered for the opportunity to play disabled parts, in that situation then I would 100 % be part of the conversation of saying, why not ? that absolutely should change. —Bryan Cranston We want parents and kids to sit down together and watch the show. I think they’re going to get a lot out of it. They ’ll laugh, they may shed a tear, but it ’ll bring them closer. —Bryan Cranston Well, I love to act, i just do, and I ’ll always have that with me, but there is something about the idea of creating something out of nothing. That’s when this show came to me. The idea of developing it and putting in the touches, and all of a sudden it becomes tangible. And you write it down on paper and you have a script and pretty soon people are responding to it ? I mean, it’s very creative. He especially wanted to share some vital lessons for young men tuning in. —Bryan Cranston No, I actually don’t miss playing Walter White, the reason is, because it was such a complete experience for me. It was a very rich, rewarding beginning, middle and end. We came to a conclusion and we laughed and we cried and we hugged each other and we went our separate ways … I ’d like to just have it left in that kind of fond memory, as opposed to reopen something. —Bryan Cranston The Dangerous Book for Boys. —Bryan Cranston

Best Quotes By Bryan Cranston

We were thinking of the right sensibility of the mom, she has to be a good actor, she has to have comic timing but have the deep well of emotions that this character needed. She is the glue that holds this family together. She’s the emotional center. —Bryan Cranston I think, truly, it was a day or two after I heard [she was leaving Kevin Can Wait] I sent her a personal note, [I said], ‘Take a look, read this. It’s a beautiful piece.’ It’s for families, and I know she’s a mom in real life. ‘I think you’ll just kill this.’ And she read it and she really liked it and we talked. It was probably the easiest casting that we had. —Bryan Cranston There were about eight or so people, and there was a man in the middle on a horse, but he wasn’t holding his own reins — there was someone on the horse in front holding the reins — and Charlie, I guessed, was this comatose, bearded, long-haired guy with big eyes riding as if he’s just stuck to the back of a horse. Totally zoned out. You couldn’t take your eyes off him, my cousin turned back to me and said, ‘Wow, that guy’s weird.’ When we passed him and their whole group, she turned around again and said, ‘That must be Charlie,’ and I said, ‘Yeah … and Charlie’s freaky!’ We didn’t think anything of it. —Bryan Cranston I saw his face on the news, and my jaw dropped, my cousin called me first and said, ‘Can you believe this?’ The picture of Charlie Manson was the guy on the back of this horse. And we thought for a second, oh my god, what if? It was very freaky, to say the least. Oh, man. —Bryan Cranston He’s not a very good person. —Bryan Cranston