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Buddy Creech Quotes

We don’t know for young kids, children are not just little adults. —Buddy Creech Is there something dramatically different between an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old ? Probably not. But you’ve got to draw a line somewhere, and historically, the FDA has considered preteens to be different than teenagers from a regulatory standpoint, why was the decision made to do it at 12 instead of 11 or 10 or 14, that I don’t know. I guess you could have moved that goal post either way, probably. —Buddy Creech I can’t think of a higher calling than to get a shot in the arm to protect not just Buddy Creech, but those around me, particularly those that are most vulnerable, if we can’t get enthusiastic about protecting the vulnerable around us, and the children around us, then we’ve got bigger problems than the pandemic. —Buddy Creech We never like to do that. That’s away from goodness. —Buddy Creech Kids are going to continue to be exposed. Kids are going to continue to transmit, although it seems, at least based on our experience so far in the pandemic, that they may be less efficient at that than adult counterparts. —Buddy Creech

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This is really a call to say rather than waiting to see if we have an effective vaccine for adults, let’s begin that work of at least evaluating the vaccines in adolescents and ever-decreasing ages, so that we get a good bead on the dosing, the dose schedule, and the potential effectiveness of that kind of a vaccine. —Buddy Creech Often influenza B is more likely to cause gastrointestinal symptoms than influenza A, though both can in young children, some parents don’t recognize these symptoms as part of influenza… which may delay thinking of influenza and delay treatment. —Buddy Creech I wish we understood why this happens so quickly in some teens and young adults. —Buddy Creech In hospitals, when someone has a tragic event, a near miss, a drug error, we don’t lead with’ we’re doing everything we can.’ It’s ideal to lead with’ let’s make ourselves open to self-criticism to make sure that we’re taking care of the people who come to us for help,’ the real tragedy would be to say we’re doing everything we can when we’re not. —Buddy Creech No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Buddy Creech