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Barry Trotz Quotes – Quotes By Barry Trotz

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Barry Trotz Quotes

We have a lot of trust in our group and we understand the situation, this group has been really great at that. They’re not complainers, they understand it. Life’s not always easy, and you know going on the road is actually I think it’d be a good thing for us we’ve been at home for quite a while (for training camp). And I think an early road trip is always good and this will be good for this group. —Barry Trotz I look around The Rangers room and see guys like Josh Bailey, Brock Nelson and Cal Clutterbuck — guys who really cut their teeth in this building, i thought it was important in the last game to get a victory in this building. —Barry Trotz I’m just trying to try different combinations, it’s a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle right now. A Rubik’s Cube would probably be a better analogy to that than a puzzle. But yeah we’re just trying to get a little more production. —Barry Trotz You lose two games (at Washington) and get zero points and now you’re looking up at a few teams, this ended up being a wasted two games here for us. —Barry Trotz It was almost unanimous that the No. 1 spot was Anders Lee, they all said that he was a good pro, he does everything the right way and he cares about the whole group. —Barry Trotz

Best Quotes By Barry Trotz

Not his fault, we’ve got to do a better job in front of him. —Barry Trotz We are learning from our history and are looking it right in the eye and we went after this game. There’s no nervousness on our part. We went after the New York Rangers in their own barn and almost pulled it off, i said to them all year defeat is not your undertaker and should be your teacher … you’re going to see the Washington Capitals back here again. —Barry Trotz That’s what leaders do, i have a lot of respect for Ovi in that. That’s the mindset you need to have. If you don’t have that, you might as well pack your bags. —Barry Trotz I kept saying to the guys all year long is that you learn different things from defeat and you learn different things from winning. —Barry Trotz We’ve got to compete harder than( The Islanders ‘), plain and simple. —Barry Trotz