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Behnam Ben Taleblu Quotes – Quotes By Behnam Ben Taleblu

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Behnam Ben Taleblu Quotes

Relieving sanctions on entities active in funding Irans revolutionary foreign policy, especially under the auspices of trying to claw back a fatally flawed deal that added to Tehrans coffers, would be the definition of a self-imposed strategic setback. —Behnam Ben Taleblu Iran is a prime example of the different approaches taken by the current and previous U.S. administrations. While diplomacy was an essential feature of both, in each instance, it was wielded differently, specifically, the Trump administration has been able to maintain a policy of maximum pressure on Iran while securing the release of Americans. This was not the case in 2016, where a fatally flawed nuclear deal went into effect, and pallets of cash were delivered. —Behnam Ben Taleblu Even under coronavirus crisis conditions, Trumps Iran policy is signaling that Trumps Iran policy will not be deterred, low-level escalation is set to continue. —Behnam Ben Taleblu Once again, the critics of Trumps Iran policy are wrong. There was no WW3 after the removal of the Islamic Republics most important military official from the battlefield, four months since that game-changing strike, Irans proxy network continues to operate, but without the charismatic and cunning terrorist who coordinated their efforts. Now is the time to ramp up the pressure on this network. —Behnam Ben Taleblu The chants by the brave, chador clad women of Najafabad in Isfahan province, which used to be a traditional bastion of regime support said it best : ‘ They fed Syria, but made our young people turn old. ’ Iranian protestors recognize that the regime in Tehran does not have their best interests at heart, and will continue to divert national treasure towards its ideological contests abroad. —Behnam Ben Taleblu

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Lawmakers are considering reducing how often the president must make these decisions on waivers and certifications. They’re also debating stronger enforcement of the nuclear deal, and more measures to penalize Iran’s ballistic missile program. Sources close to the discussions said Tillerson met Wednesday at the White House and this weekend at Camp David with the president to discuss these deadlines and broader Iran policy. The goal is actually to get a better deal, the way you do that is to create the conditions through more pressure and also to regovern the way under which the U.S. is party to the deal and to tighten the conditions for sanctions relief and clarify the path ahead. —Behnam Ben Taleblu It’s absolutely true that the protests in Iran are affecting the calculus over the decision to waive sanctions on Tehran. —Behnam Ben Taleblu No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Behnam Ben Taleblu —Behnam Ben Taleblu No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Behnam Ben Taleblu