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Ben Cavender Quotes – Quotes By Ben Cavender

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Ben Cavender Quotes

Anytime they have any stock [ of the product ] available, it’s going to be gone almost instantly, you’ll see people clamoring [ for it ]. —Ben Cavender The brand — and the heritage that the brand has — it’s really impossible to replicate that, somebody can’t set up a new venture tomorrow and do what they can do. It’s not sort of possible to go back in time and get Mao Zedong to be interested in your drink. It’s not possible to sort of be located in the town where they make their products. So I think they have a strong built-in story that allows them to flourish. —Ben Cavender The Chinese market is so big, and The Chinese market’s continuing to become more wealthy. —Ben Cavender What’s happened is that you’ve had a lot of consumers this year being a little bit more careful about their purchasing because the economy’s slowing down, i think this year especially, people were kind of waiting for Singles’ Day and kind of waiting to make some of those medium-sized purchases that they didn’t want to pay full price for. —Ben Cavender We have in the last three weeks fielded more calls from firms wondering about the political risk here than we probably have in the last 10 years, right now there’s a lot more concern that the situation regarding the negotiations has become so unstable and so emotional, when or if there’s going to be a resolution. —Ben Cavender

Best Quotes By Ben Cavender

It would not be inconceivable that China will look at, for example, large retail brands that are operating here and saying, well maybe they should also have fire code violations too. That would create immediate harm to a lot of businesses. —Ben Cavender There is too much domestic competition and Amazon lacks the kind of brand awareness that Tmall or JD.com have, that leaves Amazon in a position where it has to spend a lot of money to acquire customers while also competing aggressively with multiple strong players on price. —Ben Cavender Both Kering and LVMH have been able to invest very heavily into store renovations, visual merchandising, and digital strategy in China which has made it easier for Both Kering and LVMH to generate mainland China sales, prada was behind the curve. —Ben Cavender I think a lot of cost has gone into trying to make the brand relevant again to consumers, but the sales are not coming back as quickly as Prada would like. —Ben Cavender The damage to the brand in the eyes of Chinese consumers has already been done. —Ben Cavender