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Ben Stanton Quotes

Apple accessories are very important from a business perspective because they tend to be high-margin products, so while accessories may not make headlines from a revenue perspective, they do have a particularly positive impact on profitability. —Ben Stanton Apple itself has seen supply shortages of charging accessories in some parts of the world, causing many customers and retailers to lean heavily on third-party alternatives. —Ben Stanton Apple is not too late to 5G, as smartphones with 5G have not yet seen mass adoption, part of the reason for this is that the killer use-case for 5G on mobile has not yet emerged. —Ben Stanton Apple has made a serious effort to make its hardware more price-competitive over the last 12 months, but Apple’s great challenge is that it needs to find a way to become more price-competitive without diluting its premium brand image. —Ben Stanton Huawei is not hanging all of its growth prospects on China yet, but it has been backed into a corner in the past couple of quarters. —Ben Stanton

Best Quotes By Ben Stanton

There is definitely a subset of customers who will wait for 5G and want to future proof their device, but this will not apply to everyone. The mass market currently has no idea what to use 5G for, so for many, a lack of 5G on the newest iPhone may not be a problem. —Ben Stanton The Apple Watch has been The Apple Watch, partly because The Apple Watch was such a slow starter, sales are thriving right now, and a high proportion of customers are actually buying their first ever The Apple Watch. —Ben Stanton White House will be a major challenge for Huawei to market the Mate 30 family to consumers in Europe, the omission of Google Maps services from a major flagship smartphone is unprecedented. —Ben Stanton A lot of customers were quite keen to return devices or switch brands after learning the device in their pocket had dropped in value. —Ben Stanton Cellular waves needed for 5G do not travel as far as with 4G and 3G, and it will take time for carriers to build a sufficiently dense network of infrastructure. —Ben Stanton