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Bernie McTernan Quotes

The price increase was a matter of when not if, it shows they think people will be willing to pay more for the service as the pandemic disrupts content production thus making their vast library more valuable. —Bernie McTernan We think that in 2021, subscriber growth is going to be slowing substantially, we think that the outlook for’21 will be more challenging for Netflix. —Bernie McTernan The reorganization is really interesting, and it speaks to the company’s focus on streaming, netflix just hasn’t faced this kind of global competition before. The easy days of no competition are over for it. —Bernie McTernan The bright side is that streaming usage has accelerated during the pandemic, and Netflix has cemented itself as a global leader, i think it’s a great company, but I think it’s a tough stock. —Bernie McTernan We did a streaming video survey, and a substantial amount of respondents indicated that they would cancel Netflix( NFLX) or reduce the number of months that they subscribed to Netflix given a one or two dollar price increase. —Bernie McTernan

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There is a good chance Disney could better monetize’ Mulan’ with Premier Access relative to the box office, if there were any questions prior, it shows Disney is all-in on streaming. —Bernie McTernan One of the benefits of the streaming age is there are zero costs for canceling services. Consumers can easily subscribe to a streaming service when their favorite show is on and then turn it off when finished, this new window could be a way for streamers to dissuade the cycling between services. —Bernie McTernan No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bernie McTernan —Bernie McTernan No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bernie McTernan