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Beth Brooke-Marciniak Quotes – Quotes By Beth Brooke-Marciniak

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Beth Brooke-Marciniak Quotes

The WEF pull the levers they can pull, until we have women CEOs, how are you going to move the needle? —Beth Brooke-Marciniak I don’t think we’re finishing the story, it’s those skills that you are getting, the story seen all the way to conclusion is that you will succeed in things other than sport because of sport. —Beth Brooke-Marciniak I know for me, even my first board meeting at (Ernst Young), I remember trying to voice an opinion and getting knocked back. It’s just because I was the only woman in the room, but at the time it felt like everything that had gotten me there wasn’t going to keep me there and I really … drew on that athletics background to just think about it, what had happened, what needed to be different and you just go forward. —Beth Brooke-Marciniak I mean, so many of our women are former athletes and yet no one was talking about it and no one knew it, i think the women who are former athletes have undervalued their own experience. It’s almost like they’re closeted athletes now and so I think we can help create those networks. They’re there because there are so many former athletes. —Beth Brooke-Marciniak We’re actually starting to show that it’s not just coincidence. The success in sport does have a very significant correlation to success in business. —Beth Brooke-Marciniak

Best Quotes By Beth Brooke-Marciniak

When society’s telling you you’re this or you’re that, you’ve proven on the court or on the field that you can overcome anything. You can overcome a team telling you that you’re no good. … You just don’t want to listen to whatever anyone is going to tell you because success will be defined on the scoreboard and that’s all that matters. —Beth Brooke-Marciniak We like to say you can be what you see. —Beth Brooke-Marciniak No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Beth Brooke-Marciniak —Beth Brooke-Marciniak No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Beth Brooke-Marciniak