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Brandon Scott Quotes

Baltimore, enough is enough. What happened tonight was a horrific tragedy. We can not and will not allow violence to continue to plague our city, our Safe Streets workers put their lives on the line day in and day out because they believe in a better future for our city – a future we all should believe in. —Brandon Scott Baltimore City will never forget Officer Holley’s sacrifice and commitment to making a difference in her beloved city. I ask that everyone please keep Officer Holley family in Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison prayers as they endure the holiday season without their mother, daughter, sister and loyal friend. —Brandon Scott I have no doubt that our detectives will find those responsible, but we need anyone who has information to come forward and share it with us now. No family should be dealing with this pain, especially during the holidays. —Brandon Scott What we’re going to continue to do is hunt down these people and hold them accountable, as I told you yesterday, work to make sure as we go through the rest of the justice system, working with our partners to make sure they don’t end up back on the street. —Brandon Scott I am disgusted by these allegations and remain committed to improving this culture and lack of humanity, i will continue to advocate before the Maryland General Assembly for the necessary local authority to immediately terminate officers for clearly egregious conduct in the interest of public safety. —Brandon Scott

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We can not continue to say to the police that they have to do everything, they’re not mental health clinicians. They’re not substance abuse workers. They’re not child case managers. We have to rethink how we do the system in its entirety. —Brandon Scott What was the most beneficial and caused the most hope for me is having a president that understands we have to start investing in community-based leaders who run a violence intervention and prevention program. —Brandon Scott We are in a unique place under a consent decree that we asked for and have to fund. We fought for police reform. —Brandon Scott We also have to continue to impress upon everyone… to really lift up how we can be better and how we can be a place where we don’t continuously allow people that we know to be so weak that they will shoot six people, that they be so weak, they’re afraid that their basic little conflict that could have bruised their ego for some petty dispute can end in the loss of life. —Brandon Scott No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Brandon Scott