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Brock Long Quotes

This is a very complex disaster. Probably one of the most complicated disasters this nation has ever seen when it comes to Paradise. —Brock Long Because of the forward movement — the decent forward movement it has — you’re going to see a hurricane stay intact through southwest and central Georgia, and then you’re going to see rainfall through South and North Carolina, dumping 4 to 6 inches of rain in rivers that are already saturated and haven’t really receded much from Florence a few weeks ago. —Brock Long This is nothing to play around with, those who stick around and experience storm surge are less likely to live to tell about it. —Brock Long Unfortunately, this is a hurricane of the worst kind. —Brock Long I would never intentionally run a program incorrectly. Bottom line is if we made mistakes on the way a program is run, then we’ll work with the OIG to get those corrected, doing something unethical is not part of my DNA, and it’s not part of my track record and my whole entire career. —Brock Long

Best Quotes By Brock Long

We do not want to see Hurricane Isaac hit Puerto Rico. —Brock Long We’ve helped more people in the past six months than the agency has dealt with over the last decade. —Brock Long I haven’t even been here for six months yet, and what I hope to do is inform Americans about how complex this mission is, i didn’t come up here to do status quo, I’m ready to change the face of emergency management. —Brock Long I identify with Samantha’s frustrations. When you and your neighbors have lost everything you’ve worked for, it’s an incredibly tough situation, but you have to understand — we don’t have the houses. We don’t have tens of thousands of manufactured homes and travel trailers just stored somewhere ready to go. —Brock Long You have to have enough roof structure to attach a blue tarp to, anytime FEMA is the first responder, the primary responder, like we were in Puerto Rico, it’s never an ideal situation. —Brock Long