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Bruno Le Maire Quotes – Quotes By Bruno Le Maire

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Bruno Le Maire Quotes

With the economy operating at 99% of (pre-crisis) capacity, we have to get out of ‘whatever it costs’. That does not mean we are going to abandon companies that are still struggling. —Bruno Le Maire We are indeed granting AccorInvest a state-backed loan of half a billion euros … It is certain. We are finalising this loan today. —Bruno Le Maire There are strategic businesses. We have two world leaders, Veolia and Suez. I have always called for a friendly rapprochement. —Bruno Le Maire Food security is strategic for our country so that’s why we don’t sell a big French retailer. My answer is extremely clear: We are not in favour of the deal. The no is polite but it’s a clear and final no. —Bruno Le Maire We will be ready to respond firmly with our European partners, a friendly resolution to the Boeing/Airbus dispute is the best solution, and all the more so given that Europe could impose sanctions on the United States next year. —Bruno Le Maire

Best Quotes By Bruno Le Maire

Before Biarritz, the threat was real, we were close to getting hit with a tariff on French wine … After Biarritz the threat has receded, it hasn’t been totally lifted but it is receding and it’s going to depend on the work we get done with my American counterpart in the coming days. —Bruno Le Maire No one would understand if the severance pay of Carlos Ghosn were exorbitant, we are going to be extremely vigilant. —Bruno Le Maire Rejecting the merger between Alstom and Siemens would be both an economic and a political mistake. —Bruno Le Maire The French state, as shareholder, will have its say. What I can tell you, is that Jean-Dominique Senard has a renowned competence with regards to the automobile industry. —Bruno Le Maire No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Bruno Le Maire