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Bucky Hellwig Quotes – Quotes By Bucky Hellwig

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Bucky Hellwig Quotes

Right now we’re seeing disparity in moves of the indexes. And that’s due primarily to the flow of earnings announcements as they surprise to the upside and disappoint to the downside, if consensus is building that a trough is occurring. —Bucky Hellwig The 10-year (Treasury) yield has just plummeted, with flatter earnings coming into the third quarter, we’ve seen the PE multiple expansion courtesy of these lower rates. —Bucky Hellwig There may be some clarity coming out in the next couple of days based on what Powell says at these hearings, the 10-year (Treasury) yield has just plummeted. —Bucky Hellwig The dot plot is consistently higher than where rates turned out to be, so the credibility hasn’t been that good, but it gives insight was to what the members of the FOMC are thinking. —Bucky Hellwig China seems to be balking on some of the terms of the trade negotiations, and to me it sounds like there may be nervousness ahead of the Fed announcement. —Bucky Hellwig

Best Quotes By Bucky Hellwig

If the discussion turns to earnings recession, that’s not going to help stock prices, whether it occurs or not. —Bucky Hellwig There seems to be some progress going in the trade negotiations. —Bucky Hellwig The angst going into last Friday was pretty significant, and now, with the realization that we’re here and the world hasn’t come to an end,… the money is falling in. —Bucky Hellwig The earnings season has the potential to draw more money into the market. —Bucky Hellwig With the (Fed’s) rate increase we’re going to get on Wednesday, we’re going to be close to the core inflation rate, on the other hand, economic numbers look great. —Bucky Hellwig