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Buddy Carter Quotes – Quotes By Buddy Carter

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Buddy Carter Quotes

My hope is that The Republican congressman won’t run, my hope is that we’ll have just one candidate that we can unify behind. —Buddy Carter Herschel is fine. I think Herschel is going to run, and I know he’s going to win, i don’t think there’s anything new [ that ] came out that hasn’t already been out there. Herschel is a strong person. —Buddy Carter The misinformation needs to be straightened out, but at the same time, we can’t be dictating to these platforms what is misinformation and what is not misinformation. —Buddy Carter The Constitution is quite clear that The Constitution’s the responsibility of the legislative branch, of the state legislative branch, to run the elections and certainly I would have hoped that he would have gone through and gotten input from them before he did The Constitution. —Buddy Carter She wanted me to apologize for objecting to the electoral certification and I made it clear that that was not going to happen, there’s a lot of good legislation out there that needs to be passed, but we have got to put the past behind us and we’ve got to move forward and look to the future. —Buddy Carter

Best Quotes By Buddy Carter

Ward Baker’s doing Ward Baker due diligence and Ward Baker is praying about it, ward Baker’s a very religious person, Ward Baker. So, you know, Ward Baker’ll make the right decision. —Buddy Carter Major League Baseball, unfortunately, has set an awful precedent by moving the All Stargame out of the state of Georgia — out of Atlanta — and costing the state hundreds of millions of dollarsand more importantlyimpacting small businesses and minority small businesses. —Buddy Carter It’s just unbelievable that these intelligent, competent people didn’t take time out to read the bill and instead base their decisions on the misinformation and lies being spread by Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock. —Buddy Carter There are obviously questions about the result, and I applaud the President for what he’s doing. I think he has the right and the responsibility to question, as we all do, as citizens. —Buddy Carter She has disavowed any advocacy to QAnon, i’ve had an opportunity to get to know her here over the last few weeks, and I’ve been very impressed. I think she’s coming in with the right attitude and House GOP is one of learning and of working together. —Buddy Carter