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Brad Adams Quotes

The Thai government needs to be forthright about the Covid-19 outbreaks in The Thai government prison system and how it intends to avoid disastrous consequences for those held, many people warned the Thai authorities that they needed to act proactively to avoid such a situation, but it seems they got caught sleeping at the switch. —Brad Adams Min Aung Hlaing, who faces international sanctions for his role in military atrocities and the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, should not be welcomed at an intergovernmental gathering to address a crisis he created. —Brad Adams The military’s actions show utter disdain for the democratic elections held in November and the right of Myanmar’s people to choose their own government, we urge concerned governments to speak out forcefully against the military’s actions and consider targeted sanctions against those responsible. —Brad Adams Extending the emergency will allow Thai authorities to continue to repress contrary views, arrest critics, and ban peaceful rallies for political and not public health reasons. —Brad Adams The abduction of a prominent Thai political activist on the streets of Phnom Penh demands an immediate response from Cambodian authorities. —Brad Adams

Best Quotes By Brad Adams

The importance of Cambodia’s generals has become even more apparent ahead of July’s elections, as they engage in crackdowns against journalists, political opponents, and anti-government protesters – and openly campaign for Hun Sen. —Brad Adams People should be protected in holding demonstrations, especially around issues of great public interest, but with Vietnam’s poor record of handling protests, there’s every reason to believe that police are punishing dissent, not simply keeping public order. —Brad Adams The Thai junta has sunk to a new low by charging an activist’s mother under the ‘insulting the monarchy’ law, which has been systematically abused to silence critics, prosecuting someone for her vague response to a Facebook message is just the junta’s latest outrageous twist of the lese majeste law. —Brad Adams This is a marked escalation of the junta witch-hunt against dissidents, now they are targeting a dissident’s mother as they try to gag his outspoken criticism. This is a new low even for a junta which has made abuses of human rights a daily occurrence. —Brad Adams Since Thailand’s coup, it hasn’t been hard to get thrown in jail for criticizing the junta, now, all you have to do is press ‘Like’ on your Facebook page. —Brad Adams