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Brad McMillan Quotes – Quotes By Brad McMillan

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Brad McMillan Quotes

I am not buying right now, but right now there is a powerful economic argument for buying stocks, we are getting to the point where stocks are already compelling economically even if the emotional context may still take them down further. —Brad McMillan Investors underappreciate the role of cash. People think you always need to have your money in the market, but having cash gives you the opportunity to buy when the market goes down and lets you sleep at night. —Brad McMillan I expect we’re going to see market confidence recover. —Brad McMillan Data came well above expectations, that says the dollar strength is not hitting U.S. manufacturers and trade at least so far. —Brad McMillan I think it’s (the market’s decline) a continued reaction to the trade policy situation, we see the United States announce certain unilateral actions, then we’re starting to see some of the responses, and I think the markets are getting increasingly worried. —Brad McMillan

Best Quotes By Brad McMillan

There was a knee-jerk reaction to the Trump Jr emails, but it’s a not a problem today, so the reaction was overstated. —Brad McMillan I think we are going to have a slow drift up, everybody is at the beach already and I don’t expect a lot of action, in the absence of some kind of market-moving information. —Brad McMillan We don’t need them to get better — although they are. We just need them to stop dropping. —Brad McMillan The fear trade has about run its course, we’re at the extreme. It simply can’t get that much worse. —Brad McMillan I think there’s a recognition that maybe the world isn’t ending after all. It makes sense to have a more cheerful outlook. —Brad McMillan