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Dan Gainor Quotes – Quotes By Dan Gainor

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Dan Gainor Quotes

He tries to equate laws like voter ID, that are supported by the majority of every racial group, with genocide. What he is doing is covering for a nation that has a systematic program of beating, torturing, raping and murdering Uyghur Muslims. And he insanely compares that to America, the most free nation on Earth, eSPN, like its corporate owners Disney, has gone out of its way to kowtow to China. —Dan Gainor This is the kind of thing that we saw during the Chinese cultural revolution. This isn’t something that happens in a free country. —Dan Gainor In today’s cancel culture, journalists don’t dare be open in their criticism, so that’s why this story is all whispers. —Dan Gainor When the Obama administration did that in 2009, at least they waited until mid-year. —Dan Gainor The left demands 100 percent loyalty from the press, not the 99 percent they already get, in this case, Jen Psaki needs all the help she can get. —Dan Gainor

Best Quotes By Dan Gainor

Facebook has a massive set of content guidelines that are so broad and extensive they could ban almost any content, in addition, Facebook just announced a new Oversight Board that will handle content appeals. That board is overwhelmingly international and lacks American support for First Amendment ideals. —Dan Gainor The problem is Facebook allowed those ads but banned pro-life ads in Ireland during the campaign whether to allow abortion or not. Facebook isnt consistently pro-freedom at all, and thats whats scary. —Dan Gainor Immediately after the media correctly criticized Roseanne Barr for a racist statement, Samantha Bee tries to outdo her by calling Ivanka Trump the’ C’ word. Imagine if a conservative did this to Chelsea Clinton or to the Obama daughters. We’d never hear the end of it, today media are freaking out about an incorrect [ President ] Ivanka Trump tweet saying ABC never apologized for Brian Ross’s incompetent reporting that tanked the stock market, Ivanka Trump said. They aren’t covering Samantha Bee at all. They would rather protect a discredited journalist than address the insane and hateful comments that come from one of their favorite TV people.ABC set the media-approved standard this week for misbehavior. When someone does something this disgusting, their show is canceled. —Dan Gainor It’s almost predictable that some idiot online will write an outlandish story connecting Trump to the villain du jour, all designed to generate web traffic and ad dollars. We worked through all the major historical villains the media could tie the president to — Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. They called him a strongman, a dictator and worse. Now it’s Manson, Weinstein and probably Mugabe, the media are running out of hyperbole. It’s all embarrassingly stupid. No one gets held to account for it. And the cycle begins again with the next clickbait article. —Dan Gainor Obama started feuding with opposition press during the campaign, kicking off reporters from his campaign plane after their outlets endorsed his opponent. Obama then spent his whole presidency attacking media critics — CNBC, Fox News and Drudge among them — yet somehow the major media didn’t mind. —Dan Gainor