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Dan Ives Quotes – Quotes By Dan Ives

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Dan Ives Quotes

There was no reason that he needed to double down and shout ‘supply chain’ into a crowded theater, he gave the bears meat on the bones. That’s why the stock sold off. I’m convinced if Musk was not on the call, the stock probably would have been up on Thursday. —Dan Ives With the chip shortage still a major overhang on the auto space and logistical issues globally, this impressive earnings beat speaks to an EV demand trajectory that looks quite robust for Tesla heading into 2022. —Dan Ives With Tesla’s growth trajectory, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get all five tranches this year based on hitting all the triggers. —Dan Ives While there are many competitors in the EV space, Tesla continues to dominate market share as evidenced again this quarter while battling through the chip shortage. —Dan Ives There are going to be losers in the battle for EV market share, rivian coming out of gate with a delivery short fall, that couldn’t have come at a worst time. It’s a dark cloud on the pure play EV makers. And investors have a lot less patience with any execution missteps. —Dan Ives

Best Quotes By Dan Ives

That was a gut punch to the EV bulls, for incremental demand in 2022 and beyond, the EVs tax credits is a 15 % swing factor in demand. —Dan Ives It was really Dan Ives taxpayers that helped get him through his roughest time. —Dan Ives Trying to find the perfect company is impossible, realistically, no company is going to check every box. But if there are five boxes and [ a company ] checks four, that’s significant. —Dan Ives The chip shortage issue isn’t moderating to the extent that the Tesla bulls had hoped. —Dan Ives While supply chain issues remain, it appears to be moderating heading into the next six to nine months. —Dan Ives