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Dan Kildee Quotes – Quotes By Dan Kildee

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Dan Kildee Quotes

Since I met Xavier in 2016 when he interned in my congressional office, I’ve come to expect that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to, i commend him for this latest achievement. —Dan Kildee At first, I was not able to interact or legislate with these people, but I felt like I was then dealing with this poison they brought to this place, and I was carrying that, my conclusion is I won’t think of them the same way, I won’t respect them… but I still have to work with people who were sent to Congress. —Dan Kildee Dealing with the nutty, goofy fringe of the GOP conference, I don’t even think about them. Perry, Boebert and Gosar… forget them. —Dan Kildee Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, members of Michigan’s congressional delegation were unable to travel on Air Force One with the President to Dearborn. As a result, Members had to take a commercial flight, hours after the presidential visit ended, that required them to vote by proxy. —Dan Kildee This pandemic is not over. As we continue to distribute vaccines, every Michigander plays a critical role to defeat this virus by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and regularly washing their hands, while our Governor has not issued any mandatory restrictions, she has urged all Michiganders to exercise personal responsibility over the next two weeks to help slow the spread, such as forgoing indoor dining or gathering with people outside your immediate household. —Dan Kildee

Best Quotes By Dan Kildee

We need urgent action and bold investments to rebuild America’s water infrastructure, not weakened policies that fail to protect the health and safety of our citizens. —Dan Kildee It’s almost as though it’s their obligation to send Flint a get-well card, the Republican Congress turns a blind eye and fails to act. We are better than this. —Dan Kildee It’s hard for me to imagine the indifference that we’ve seen exhibited if this had happened in a much more affluent community. —Dan Kildee These kids are going to need help for a long time. —Dan Kildee No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Dan Kildee