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Dan Pfeiffer Quotes – Quotes By Dan Pfeiffer

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Dan Pfeiffer Quotes

What has put Hunter Biden in this position( as the leader in the race) is that Hunter Biden seems like someone who could be president, there’s a stature gap between Hunter Biden and Trump, and Hunter Biden has to be careful not to narrow that gap by getting pulled down in the mud with Trump. —Dan Pfeiffer Bernie Sanders needs to grow Bernie Sanders support significantly to win the nomination and that begins with the African American community. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t do much better with those voters, Bernie Sanders chances of being the nominee are awfully close to zero, that alone will not be enough. To date, Bernie Sanders campaign has at times given off a’ my way or the highway vibe’ that has put a ceiling on Bernie Sanders support among large swaths of Democratic Party. —Dan Pfeiffer For the first time in my career, making the press a foil is good politics in a Democratic primary, and that is going to have long-standing consequences for the business of journalism. —Dan Pfeiffer If we have this fight and we fight it well and lose, then the takeaways will be, to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell point, that elections matter, but also the court matters. And that is something we have to think about in our elections. —Dan Pfeiffer But I think we should fight like hell anyway. —Dan Pfeiffer

Best Quotes By Dan Pfeiffer

I think that it is incumbent upon Democratic leaders and sort of Democratic voices… to be honest and forthright about expectations here — that we are likely to lose this battle. —Dan Pfeiffer The incredible and uncontrollable obsession with all things Trump has moved almost all of the scrutiny and focus to the GOP side of the equation once Clinton survived the Benghazi hearing and Biden dropped out. —Dan Pfeiffer Pundits and the press have been wrong about just about everything this cycle, and this falls into that category, people did not pay as much attention to him or take him seriously in the beginning because he is an older politician from a small state who they did not know much about. —Dan Pfeiffer I expect 2016 will look a lot like 2015, the president and his team continuing to put substantive legacy-worth points on the board while the political circus is focused on Trump and the rest. —Dan Pfeiffer O’Malley has the best shot to [gain momentum] and this is a make-or-break moment for his campaign, it would require a dominating performance that showed him to be an exciting and electable alternative like Fiorina had in the last GOP debate. —Dan Pfeiffer