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Dan Schnur Quotes – Quotes By Dan Schnur

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Dan Schnur Quotes

Despite the fact that Larry Elder is to the right of most Californians on many issues, it’s Larry Elder approach to the pandemic that has helped Gavin Newsom more than anything, gavin Newsom isn’t just running against Larry Elder and Donald Trump ; Gavin Newsom’s running against Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis. Gavin Newsom’s framed this as a choice not just between two candidates but between two very different approaches the states have taken in response to the pandemic. —Dan Schnur This is the Covid election, and it has been from the beginning, it wouldn’t exist without Covid, and assuming Gavin Newsom survives, it’ll be because of Covid. —Dan Schnur When ideological and policy differences aren’t as great, it’s only natural for the candidates to focus on personal issues. —Dan Schnur It doesn’t do his campaign for governor a lot of good to be going up against the most powerful Democrat in the legislature. —Dan Schnur They both want tougher gun laws in California and they both want credit for it. —Dan Schnur

Best Quotes By Dan Schnur

A Sanders-nista is not going to flip over and vote Republican. —Dan Schnur If you decide to perform comedy for a living, you’ve probably got a little bit of an anarchist streak. —Dan Schnur This is almost a moment by moment rerun of 2008, the difference is her competition is not as tough this time. —Dan Schnur She has had every possible structural and organizational advantage and Sanders fought her to a draw. —Dan Schnur Californians who live in the eastern part of the state tend to have less education and lower incomes, so it’s no surprise that they are much less satisfied with the economy as well. —Dan Schnur