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Daniel Garza Quotes – Quotes By Daniel Garza

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Daniel Garza Quotes

Unlike maybe all the other pieces [ of the immigration reform debate ], there is bipartisan support for Dreamers, the decision was made for the children to come to America ; they had no decision in the matter. Americans understand that and have compassion for that. —Daniel Garza Don’t reduce visas but get smarter about how we allocate them. —Daniel Garza It’s rather disappointing to think they could return to a state of anxiety and fear. —Daniel Garza At the end of the day, Democrats don’t get to define what immigration reform is, and neither do Republicans, there has to be a very pragmatic approach to immigration reform with both sides. —Daniel Garza There’s a consensus for permanent immigration reform, javier Palomarez can undermine the constitution. —Daniel Garza

Best Quotes By Daniel Garza

Javier Palomarez can undermine the constitution. —Daniel Garza Rubio’s tone, his aspirational message, his shared language and culture, makes him an ideal candidate. —Daniel Garza You get the sense that there is very little room for persuading Ted Cruz on anything, there is some room where Ted could soften up a little and you get the sense that he won’t. —Daniel Garza Jeb Bush and Rubio – they can be on Univision one minute and CNN the next. —Daniel Garza The irony here is that the Latino left had criticized the conservative movement for years that they were not doing outreach to the Latino community, now that the conservative movement is doing outreach and engaging in the Latino community on a national scale, they’re criticizing us for that too. You can’t have it both ways. —Daniel Garza