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Dante Lauretta Quotes

We are working to keep up with our own success here, and my job is to safely return as large a sample of Bennu as possible, the loss of mass is of concern to me, so I’m strongly encouraging the team to stow this precious sample as quickly as possible. —Dante Lauretta After over a decade of planning, the team is overjoyed at the success of today’s sampling attempt, even though we have some work ahead of us to determine the outcome of the event — the successful contact, the TAGSAM gas firing, and back-away from Asteroid Bennu are major accomplishments for the team. I look forward to analyzing the data to determine the mass of sample collected. —Dante Lauretta Among Bennus many surprises, the particle ejections sparked our curiosity, and weve spent the last several months investigating this mystery, this is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge of how asteroids behave. —Dante Lauretta The discovery of plumes is one of the biggest surprises of my scientific career. —Dante Lauretta Everything was self-consistent and suggested a lot of centimeter-scale particles, probably concentrated in the equator, and I was really envisioning kind of a beach that went all the way around the asteroid in equatorial regions. —Dante Lauretta

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Thats still our biggest uncertainty what is the nature of this material in the microgravity environment? what forces are holding it together, and how does it respond when a spacecraft punches it in and then fires thrusters to back away from it? —Dante Lauretta The science is really starting to ramp up, you havent seen anything yet. —Dante Lauretta Thats really exciting, you can learn a lot by bringing a sample back from an asteroid, but were going to learn exponentially more by bringing samples back from these two asteroids, which initially looked very similar to each other, may still be related to each other but have had different histories. —Dante Lauretta Water probably did circulate through the interior of the asteroid, like a hydrothermal system on Earth, and altered the originally anhydrous rocky material, forming these clays. —Dante Lauretta Were actively re-evaluating that model. —Dante Lauretta