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David Axelrod Quotes – Quotes By David Axelrod

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David Axelrod Quotes

The important thing for Joe Biden — and Joe Biden should come by this naturally, because Joe Biden’s very good at this, unusually good for politicians — is to speak to people about what’s going on in their lives and give them a sense of understanding about what’s going on in their lives without looking and trying too hard to tell them what a great job Joe Biden’s doing, joe Biden needs to be the empathizer-in-chief. —David Axelrod Evidence will show the New York Times and James Bennet made a mistake. Evidence will also show this mistake was in no way intentional. —David Axelrod This wasn’t a political hit job, the board wanted to caution both sides about violent, political rhetoric. —David Axelrod Anything that changes the subject is good news. It’s been a rough stretch for him. It is a chance for him both to fulfill a promise and do something that unifies his caucus and gives him a win, this is a propitious time to be talking about Supreme Court. If the current court does as we expect and guts Roe vs. Wade in the spring, this could be a motivating factor for voters on the Democratic side, particularly women, particularly in the suburbs, which will be important. And having a stellar nominee who impresses joining the bench after June could be part of that mix. —David Axelrod You know, he had a difficult task today because he wanted to make clear that he has accomplished a lot, and there are a lot of things he has done. But we’re in a country where 28% of Americans feel we’re on the right track. —David Axelrod

Best Quotes By David Axelrod

I’ve said it many times you cannot jawbone people into feeling better. —David Axelrod Today, the White House and Democrats rightfully suspect that at least the House will turn in ’22, so this brief moment of one-party control, albeit narrow, offers the last, best hope for the president and members to get big priorities done, that’s why there is such urgent anxiety about loading up the Build Back Better Act with so many planks. —David Axelrod Even before we took office, we knew the economic catastrophe we were inheriting, which promised to be long and deep, meant we faced a calamitous midterm, that meant if we wanted to accomplish anything meaningful, it would have to come in the first two years, when we had large majorities in both chambers. It’s why President Obama moved the Affordable Care Act when he did. —David Axelrod The Affordable Care Act was The Affordable Care Act because many of The Affordable Care Act main provisions would not be enacted or felt for years, in the case of the infrastructure bill, there should be visible projects underway relatively swiftly — physical evidence of progress. The task is to link those community improvements to this bill and The President in the minds of voters. —David Axelrod If you’re a Democrat sitting on Capitol Hill and you’re from one of these swing districts in suburban areas, are you rethinking tonight your vote on this reconciliation package? are you thinking, maybe it’s best, we shouldn’t do it. —David Axelrod