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David Becker Quotes

Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of bipartisan agreement, this is affecting Republicans and Democrats alike. —David Becker This is domestic terrorism, let’s call it what it is, these are designed to terrorize these officials, whether they actually result in the violence that’s promised or not. The human toll here is very real and it’s something we’ve never seen before in American history. It’s designed to make these officials lives unbearable and chase them out of office. —David Becker If they think they have a claim, if they think this is new information that can withstand scrutiny by a court. —David Becker All we have here is a losing candidate so disconnected from reality that he’s asking for extrajudicial decertification of an election nearly a year ago. —David Becker This is deeply troubling. —David Becker

Best Quotes By David Becker

Cyber Ninjas ‘ can say it isn’t coming to the Arizona Senate, but Cyber Ninjas ”re facilitating it ; this would never have happened but for Arizona Senate. —David Becker The most important thing at this point is the lack of certainty, it’s not about what the rules are. It’s about when the rules will be settled. Voters need certainty. They need to know how to navigate the process. Pennsylvania is probably the place where things are most unsettled right now. —David Becker President Donald Trump and critics have candidates and foreign adversaries actively seeking to leverage any problem, no matter how small, to reduce voter’s confidence in the system, to delegitimize this election. Most election officials across the country are on high alert making sure and double checking that problems don’t occur — and it’s actually pretty impressive given how many new options for mail-in voting that there are, that there aren’t more problems. —David Becker The fact that all of these mistakes are being caught immediately and fixed should give people confidence in the integrity of our system. —David Becker Speaking as a former DOJ attorney, to release a public statement with so little info, at the beginning of an investigation, is inexplicable, and law enforcement malpractice. —David Becker