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David Bennett Quotes

Earth’s future may not be so rosy because it is much closer to the Sun, if humankind wanted to move to a moon of Jupiter or Saturn before the Sun fried the Earth during its red supergiant phase, we’d still remain in orbit around the Sun, although we would not be able to rely on heat from the Sun as a white dwarf for very long. —David Bennett The lack of such planets in our own solar system is more likely to be due to random chance or an accident. —David Bennett Planet formation theory is pretty important even if you are only interested in habitable planets because its not just enough to have a planet in the habitable zone, you have to have chemicals that are consistent with life and a history thats consistent with the development of life, the better we can understand planet formation, the better we are able to predict which planets might be habitable. —David Bennett There were a few stones that were disappointing but overall the sale was a huge success. —David Bennett We’ve made a great effort to put together a sale that we thought was suitable for this particular market which is strong for the right things, it seems to have paid off. —David Bennett

Best Quotes By David Bennett

It really just soared off the scale of rare into something just, one off, it’s just unique. —David Bennett It’s worthwhile for people to come and look at it because you probably won’t be seeing it again in two or three year’s time, it may very well be cut up into all these wonderful famous stones. —David Bennett The Gemological Institute of America, the highest body for grading diamonds, have given this stone their highest possible grading, which is vivid pink, it’s so strong the color. That makes it a very rare stone indeed, in fact it’s the largest pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond ever to be offered at auction. —David Bennett We’re estimating between $28-38 million, there have been a couple … of stones that have sold for around $2 million per carat or a little more historically so it seems to be perfectly correctly estimated … We will see. —David Bennett Very few gemstones have ever been sold for more than that, and it’s setting the record price here in Asia for a gemstone in auction. —David Bennett